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PF Truckers. Get Rad or Die Trying 

How the hell does one become known for trucker hats?  First, start wearing them in 1980.  Then in the early 90's obtain a Dominos Pizza delivery trucker and wear it incessantly.  In the 2000's begin competing in marathons and triathlons in trucker hats (and sometimes just a speedo).  Acquire a new trucker hat everywhere you go.  After 17 years of this, collab with your good design buddy to make you a logo and some hats, and here we are.

My name is PF.  I love the 80's, design, surf and skate culture, triathlon, whipass coffee, great beer, rock n roll and trucker hats.  My boy StayGrayPonyboy is a nationally recognized graphic designer.  Together we created PF Truckers as a way for us and you to GET RAD or DIE TRYING.

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